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Some episodes of On the Commons are just too good to leave in the archives. On The Commons with me this week (November 6, 2004)is Tom Skiba. Tom is the Chief Executive Officer of the Alexandria, Virginia based Community Associations Institute, (CAI). Please join us On The Commons. We’ll find out why CAI condones the abuses and has opposed any reforms on the power to foreclose. We’ll talk about why they feel associations would collapse without the ability to wield so much power over their members and whether they have any plans to protect the homeowners they claim to represent.


2 thoughts on “Tom Skiba”

  1. The caller at 26:48 is awesome! If you don’t have time to listen to the whole show, listen to this part of the show. One other thought, seems lobbying keeps things from changing – owners would save money if they didn’t have to resort to suing or selling; legislation that provides substantial regulations and licenses the property management companies is needed.

  2. Here’s the leader of the most powerful influence in the homeowners association industry saying he doesn’t know about somebody being foreclosed on over $1.50, that HOAs have grown out of their reach, and foreclosing is just fine for HOAs even as he admits that board members are volunteers that have a lot to learn Yet he insists they make mistakes and have the the final decision of authorizing the attorneys to foreclose on the those who have no possible way to defend themselves.

    Talk about somebody that hasn’t got a clue and talks out of both sides of his mouth! He showed ZERO compassion for those who have lost their homes and even one person who committed suicide over dealing with the HOA. He admits he shut down the line for homeowners to call into with complaints.

    Years ago I called CAI before I knew what they were and was told somebody would get back to me. Let’s see…I guess it’s been over seven years now and my phone hasn’t rang yet!

    CAI is no more qualified to be doing what they are doing than the man on the moon! I worked in the airline industry, in customer relations, handling calls from angry passengers. We had more calls in a month than CAI probably has in a year. Mainly because people knew the name of the airline they were flying on and most people have NEVER heard of the CAI. Okay, so we handled irate people every day. Seven days per week and I dare say we did a far better job than the CAI could ever dream of. Especially with this guy at the helm. He was clueless about many of the topics Shu brought up. Including saying he needed more than media coverage regarding the homeowner the caller discussed. Bull! What company doesn’t jump on the media coverage and try to resolve the issue immediately? Name one!

    Personally, I wish every legislator in the entire country from the city councils to the US Senate could hear this interview. They would see this guy doesn’t have the skills to be running a powerful organization like the CAI. Personally, I’m not sure he could successfully organize an HOA community picnic.

    Not impressed. And if by chance he reads this comment he’s welcome to call me because somebody needs to take the time to tell him how off base he is and I’ll be happy to do that!

    Shu thank you for standing your ground with this guy. I will look through your history and see if he came back after this for another interview because I’d like to know if he’s learned anything in the past seven years.

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