Peyton Knight

Fads come and go. When the fads in food, fashion or fun or fade out, the impact they leave is little more than a memory or a faded photo of mini skirts, disco balls or skinny ties stuck in an album somewhere. Food, fortunately has a shelf life and Pac Man has been replaced with other games. Unfortunately not all fads are that easy to replace.

What happens when we find out, after having spent time, effort and loads of money, that the “solution” to a particular problem is not a solution at all but instead has exacerbated the problem? Can we cover it all up with pretty words?

On The Commons with us this week is Peyton Knight, Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs for The National Center for Public Policy Research . Based in Washington DC, The National Center for Public Policy Research is dedicated, in part, to providing solutions and research to today’s public policy problems. Today we will be talking about a major shift in how we shape and design our neighborhoods. Please join us On The Commons this Saturday, June 30, 2007. We’ll talk with Peyton about Smart Growth, what it really is and the impact it has on how and where we live. Copyright OTC Multimedia Productions 2007


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