Ward Lucas

HOA and Condo horror stories have been around as long as HOAs and condos have been part of the American housing scene.  Every great once in awhile some brave reporter has dared to venture onto the battlefields to report on the goulash events but those stories have been few and far between and have represented just the tip of the iceberg.  Under cover of darkness, the abuses continued.  But the internet made “The Fifth Estate” possible and “citizen reporters” have taken matters in their own hands. 
Joining us On The Commons this week is Ward Lucas.  Ward is an award winning TV News anchorman and investigative journalist who experienced the horrors of HOA living firsthand.  He wrote a book called Neighbors at War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association.  He also maintains a blog at http://neighborsatwar.com We’ll talk about the world of beige and the limitless possibilities of the Fifth Estate.

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