Ron Lemons

Home ownership is a simple concept – or it used to be.  People bought homes to shelter themselves and their families, to own a little piece of the world that is all their own where they can surround themselves with the people and the things they love and exclude everything and anyone they don’t want.  People were truly kings and queens of their castles.  And then along came HOAs, condominiums and co-ops and nothing is sane, simple or sensible any more.  Instead of the quiet, peaceful and safe enjoyment of a home, Americans are now being forced into kontrolled kommunities where life can be quite miserable.

This new and rather intrusive living style seems to have empowered the neighbors to be more insulting, insensitive, and extremely rude.  For a country that prides itself on being hospitable, tolerant and inclusive, HOAs appear to be setting the stage for intolerance, disrespect and contempt.  Far from living in communities, this brave new world thrives on living in war zones.  

Joining us On The Commons this week we have Ron Lemons.  Ron and his wife Peggy have experienced firsthand the problems that arise from a mismanaged condominium.  This one seems to have it all; moldy units from lack of maintenance, lack of responsiveness and lack of concern for the residents.  There is also lack of sunshine and lack of accountability, especially when it comes to finances.  The contemptuousness of the board members telling their disabled neighbors that they are not wanted and they need to move.  I guess no one asked Ron and Peggy how satisfied they were with kontrolled living, because you see, they are an “isolated incident”.  Tune in to hear Ron explain the full story.


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