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I am beginning to think that any lie will do.  As long as no one looks too closely, as long as the lie sounds plausible, as long as it is delivered with a straight face, it is good to go.  You really do not have to go too much farther than the lies that are told when selling HOAs.  Just think of the ones that are routinely used to make surrendering sovereignty of our homes sound like such an honor and you will understand what I mean. A few buzzwords that need no explanation readily come to mind; “carefree living”, “protecting property values” and “democracy up close and personal”.  

Such a deal!  You give up the right to decide what to plant in your front yard in return for having a say in what happens in the community.  

So how does that work?  

Marjorie Murray joins us On  The Commons.  Marjorie is the founder and president of the Center for California Homeowner Association Law.  Over the years she and the Center for California Law have tirelessly tracked legislation and have worked with like minded groups and legislators to ensure that homeowner friendly laws are enacted.  They have educated law makers about the hidden dangers and pitfalls of proposed bills that would benefit the HOA industry to the detriment of the owners and have fought valiantly to defeat them when they have come up.  One such bill that reared its ugly head in California this year was AB1799   The bill was introduced and explained as a cost saving measure for associations.  On the surface it may sound like a great idea BUT WAIT A MINUTE, what would it really do?  And just how well would this new law, had it passed, square with the “Democracy up close and personal” benefit to HOA living we are promised?  Marjorie explains in detail what this bill would have done and gives some solid tips on how to find, and fight, these bills when they are introduced in a State Capitol near you. You know they are coming to your neck of the woods.  She also gives some good advice on how to expose the, um, shall we we say, untruths in the claims?  You’ll want to tune in and never underestimate the importance of letting your legislators hear from you.   



3 thoughts on “Marjorie Murry”

  1. We love Marjorie and CCHAL!!!!!! Our light in the darkness!!!!!

    Good program. We will be listening.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Marjorie. I have been a member of CCHAL for many years and find your work invaluable. Although people don’t know it, California is the best (if there such a thing) place to live in an HOA in the country. There are more protections for homeowners and more recourse than in any other state. This is directly as a result of your work!

  3. Thanks you for being here Marjorie. I made two calls to Gov. Brown’s office today and circulated a request among my fellow homeowners to do the same. I am on the mailing list now and will do all I can to help with working to develop more safeguards for the many homeowners who are often abused/bullied by HOA boards who often act arbitrarily and subjectively depending on who they like and don’t like. Or worse yet, the weakest among us are the most frequent targets. Keep up the good fight!

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