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They don’t build things like they used to.  The Pyramids of Egypt have been around since approximately 2700 BC, that’s almost 5000 years.  I wonder how much maintenance has been done on them over the centuries?  Our cardboard and scotch tape buildings fail after a few years and will probably not be a source of amazement in a century.  In fact, at this rate, most of them will not be still standing and that’s with maintenance.  How times they are a changing!

Tyler Berding joins us On The Commons this week.  Tyler is a founding partner of Berding and Weil, a law firm in California specializing in construction defect litigation and condominiums.  He has long warned us of the perils we are facing by not being adequately funded for multi unit housing.  Tyler also maintains a blog called, not surprisingly,  Condo Issues.  Tyler talks about a couple of recent tragic building failures in California that claimed the lives of several people.  He explains why he believes these buildings are failing and what can be done about it.  He also tells us about one bill he wrote that he thinks might help in the future.  But at no time does he promise us that we will be building and living in anything that is remotely as well built as the Pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians.  Take another listen.

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2 thoughts on “Tyler Berding”

  1. Well finally someone who is giving us a legislative solution. Watch the industry , who represent vendors, try to torpedo the reforms. Thank you Tyler Berding for your work and sharing it with us.

  2. Excellent interview with a knowledgeable professional. Tyler Berding not only understands the litigation of failed construction he understands how the importance of design, original construction, and the absolute need for proper maintenance.

    I wish I could show him the photos of the rotten frames on the townhouses in my HOA. These were taken by a whistle blower after he was told to cover this damage up with new siding and not mention it to the homeowners.

    If random inspections were done as Tyler Berding is proposing to the California legislators this type of gross negligence would not be allowed to continued and risk the lives of the homeowners in the event of a collapse. I made everyone at city hall aware of the situation in my HOA. Did they require random testing? No. Did one homeowner having the siding torn off and was the rotten frame exposed? Yes. It matched the photos taken by the whistle blower identically. When those in power will not listen everybody else is put at risk.

    I will not be surprised when the day comes that my HOA is condemned and residents are told to evacuate. Board members are far more interested in lawsuits to destroy homeowners that question their decisions and lack of concern for failed maintenance than they are in the soundness of the structures that are rotting away!

    I always enjoy and learn from the shows with Tyler Berding as your guest, Shu. I hope you will have him back in the future.

    Keep up the good work!

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