Caroline Douglas

Caroline Douglas

Sometimes it is good to step back and take a look at the big picture and try to understand where things fit in.  I have always felt that residential associations have crossed the line.  When it is permissible for others to spy on their neighbors to ensure they are acting and behaving according to OUR  rules and regulations, acting according to OUR dictates, we have lost respect for privacy and individuality.  And when civility, due process, dealing with facts rather than emotions and bullying take center stage, we, as a nation, lose and we lose big time!

Caroline Douglas joins us  On The Commons .  In a departure from our usual HOA issues, we look at how the country as a whole and especially how our elected leaders in Washington are acting and behaving. With impeachment being the topic “du jour”, we take a deep dive into the mechanics of manipulation.  By sidestepping the fundamentals of the laws Congress is pushing its own agenda forward. Is it OK to undo an election simply because they are angry? Why is one vote worth more than another vote?  Since when has this type of behavior been acceptable in a supposedly democratic civilized society? What is causing people to act and behave in such a manner?  While our focus this week is more on Washington and the nation, the similarities between private and public governments are startling.  

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