Tyler Berding

Fixing the problem of cash strapped municipalities during the post war housing boom turned into a whole new housing model for Americans.  No longer proud homeowners, generations of housing consumers became “unit owners” in what became known as “associations”.  Once local governments realized they could still collect property taxes and then force the owners to pay for the up keep and maintenance of the infrastructure, they were hooked and began mandating this privatized form of housing.  But just how successful was this new fangled housing concept?  And is the concept a viable form of housing?
On The Commons this week we are joined by Tyler Berding.  Tyler is a founding attorney of Berding Weil in California.  He represents associations, is a member of the California based Executive Council of Homeowners (ECHO), CAI and the California Association of Community managers, maintains a blog called Condo Issues and is a prolific writer.  One of his articles,  “Predictions of the Future in an Uncertain World”, has Tyler looking through his crystal ball into the future of condos.  Please join us On The Commons.  We’ll talk to Tyler about the problems with condos, find out why they are failing and take a peek into the future.