Dr. Gary Solomon

Mahmoud Hindi, a 55 year old Spring Creek homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky, is accused of shooting and killing two board members.  The shooting occurred during a board meeting in the Springdale Community Church.  According to reports, Mr. Hindi had been having ongoing disputes with his HOA over alleged rules violations.  Some reports claim the HOA sued Mahmoud Hindi over a fence, satellite dish and a sign that were installed without permission.  Records also indicate that Mr Hindi had filed a motion asking a judge to put a stop to the association harassing him and his children.
The Kentucky shooting is not the first incident of a homeowner shooting and killing board members.  Will it be the last?  What triggers such violence and what can be done about it? 
Joining us On The Commons is Dr. Gary Solomon.   Dr. Solomon is a published author, tenured psychology professor at the College of Southern Nevada, a psychotherapist, researcher, an expert witness and a human rights advocate.  Dr. Solomon is also the first psychologist to recognize the problems in HOAs as a very real health issue.  He is researching the risks that he calls “The HOA Syndrome”.   Join us as we discuss this latest shooting of HOA Board members and try to understand what happens to people who are under constant stress that seems to be part and parcel of HOA living.