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John Cowherd

John Cowherd

Over the last few decades American homeowners have gradually lost sovereignty over their property.  With every new law,  every new covenant, every new policy our ability to live in our homes as we see fit has been eroded.  With every new policy there is an acceptance that this is the way of the future.  It is “normal” now to have someone else dictate and approve the colors you choose for your house, the plants and flowers you plant, the decorative elements you use, or in fact even if you are ” allowed” to use them, the structures you buy for your children’s play equipment including the colors you use.  The list is endless.  Sometimes I think it is getting to the point where children in kindergarten have more autonomy over their daily lives than do their parents.  

John Cowherd j oins us On The Commons.  John is a Virginia attorney who represents homeowners against their condominiums and homeowner associations. He hosts and maintains  Words of Conveyance   a blog that focuses on property law.  One of the trends he is seeing more of is the growing restrictions on renting one’s home, or even a room, either short term or long term.  He has a recent blog about this not so new issue of contention in America’s controlled residential associations titled  Rental Restrictions in Virginia Condominiums.   While there may be some genuine concerns about rentals, as usual the problems don’t appear to be quite as awful as some people might have you believe. We’ll talk to John and learn more about it.  We will also talk about how the courts rule in cases where the use of free use of property is inhibited.  Fortunately there is some good news there.

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