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It amazes me that when legislators pass laws that are harmful and damaging to their constituents, and when you ask them what they are thinking—they have absolutely no idea. They do not understand what the law means or does. Not surprisingly, some people benefit from making sure these harmful laws are on the books. I don’t suppose you’d be shocked if we discovered that CAI is the mastermind behind this law. Nor would you be surprised that California homeowners once had a right to ensure that a homeowner election is accurate and ensure the process is ethical. Would you be shocked to learn that California homeowners once had a right to ensure there was no monkeying around with the votes? 

But in California, homeowners are no longer allowed to watch the vote count. The people who benefit are the only ones allowed to count the ballots, make sure everything is on the up-and-up and announce the results. The allegedly unethical treasurer wins in a landslide. A special assessment is unanimously approved. An unpopular amendment to the Declaration flies through, and the homeowners are not allowed to check the votes. You understand how this works. Fortunately for Californians, the Center for California Homeowner Association Law is watching and reacting. 

Marjorie Murray joins us On the Commons and explains what happens. While this show is of particular interest to California homeowners, it is equally important for all residential association owners because the same industry members will take the same laws and get them passed in every state in the country. And if you have the intestinal fortitude to explain to your legislators what they are doing, maybe we’ll get some of them to think before they vote. Good luck, but do try. Marjory Murray can be reached by email at

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  1. Excellent podcast, Marjorie and Shu!

    Homeowners and residents need to understand that, if they educate themselves and band together, they CAN overcome the harmful influences of HOA-industry corporate interests.

    I am sharing the link to this podcast on my website’s “help” page.

    Thank you.

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