Nick Dranias

Like peeling an onion, Americans are increasingly finding themselves living under layers of government,  The obvious ones are the Federal Government, followed by the state,  then the local jurisdiction, be they city, county or town and for good measure, millions of Americans also live under the regime of a mandatory membership homeowners association.  According to our guest today, since 1972 America has gained an  average of one new government a day.  How intrusive and costly are these new governments?  And since this country was founded  on liberty and limited government, how are America’s citizens faring under all these layers and layers of government.

On the Commons this week we are joined by Nick Dranias.  Nick is the Director for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute ( in  Arizona.  Before that he was an attorney with the Institute for Justice as well as a litigator in the private sector.  He is the author of several articles, including  “A New Charter for American Cities: 10  Rights to Restrain Government and Protect Freedom”   Please join us On The Commons.  We’ll talk about the layers of government, both highly visible and the more obscure ones.  We’ll peel back the layers of government and talk about the problems, how they affect us, the citizens, and what we can do about it.  Can we fight city hall?  Tune in and find out.
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