Robert Racansky

Google “HOA and (or) condo and embezzlement” and you will get more hits than you imagined possible.  It is hard to sweep these stories under the rug and pretend that all is rosy in the nations  involuntary membership housing corporations.  Who is to blame for this sorry state of affairs in residential America?  I have been chastised on more than one occasion by members of the HOA industry who claim the homeowners themselves are “apathetic” and are not providing the over sight to prevent the theft and abuses on the home front.  
That’s it guys, blame the victim.  
Easy to do.  
But wait a minute, what happens when homeowners do ask for the books and records of the association?  What happens when they want to know what is happening to their money?  
Joining us On The Commons this week we have  Robert Racansky.   Robert has been asking for information he is entitled to about his HOA and about  his own account,  but for the last several years his requests have been ignored.  To prove that he is far from apathetic,  and in an attempt to put his fight on the skyline, Robert wrote a book called Madison Hill H.O.A. Inc;  Something is Rotten in the State of Colorado.  We’ll talk to Robert about the issues that led to his writing a book and find out about future plans.  Robert maintains a web site at