Don Schelhardt

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate today.  Internet, Skype, cell phones as well as regular home phones, can cross oceans and connect friends and loved ones in a matter of seconds.  Staying in touch has never been so accessible to so many – or so vulnerable.  While we take our communication tools and methods for granted, we hardly ever give a thought to what would happen if we could no longer just “reach out and call someone”.  But the reality is that phone lines can be cut, the world wide web can go dark and cell phones silenced due to acts of war, terrorism or even a natural disasters.  And then how do we keep in touch?

One way is through Amateur Radio, or HAM radio operators who could  still send and receive information over the air – or would be able to, IF they were allowed, by their HOA, to have their HAM radio antennas.   Currently the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is seeking public comments on whether the Federal Government should intervene and propose legislation easing the restrictions on antennas in Homeowner Associations. 

Whether you are a HAM radio operator or not, or plan on taking it up in the future, your life may depend on there being one in your neighborhood.  Take a minute to make your voice heard.

Joining us On The Commons is Don Schellhardt.  Don is the President and founder of HAMS for Action, (HFA).  Don and his organization are writing to the FCC.  Join us and hear what Don has to say and if you would like to add  your name to this comment:  

“We are not Amateur Radio operators ourselves, but we would like to see ALL neighborhoods enjoy the kind of Emergency Communications protection that ham radio operators can provide.  Therefore, we strongly advocate vigorous and well-defined Federal Government action, in ALL American communities, to override the total prohibition of ham antennas by Homeowners’ Associations and landlords.    We do not propose DEregulation of ham antennas   —    but rather REASONABLE regulation of ham antennas.    Mandatory Federal standards, for REASONABLE regulation of ham antennas, should replace the current practice   —    in many, many neighborhoods   —    of not allowing any kind of ham antenna at all.”

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