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Wes Rocki

Dr. Wes Rocki

The last few decades have seen some radical changes in the way we live, starting with our  personal rights and our traditional rights as homeowners. Along with HOA mandates homeowners lost their dominion over their most private and personal asset.  This new way of life has been beaten into us and the resulting health issues have been well recognized and documented.  Living under the microscope and the fear of being singled out for some ridiculous offense has increased the daily stress.  As if that was not bad enough, along comes the Covid 19 pandemic.  In addition to the usual traditional stresses that are part and parcel of our lives, we now have to live with a deadly virus.  The fear on contracting this virus added to all the unknown aspects associated with it has taken a toll on us.  Is there something we can do to mitigate the potential damage and protect ourselves and our families from yet another potential enemy?


Dr Rocki has focused more on how we, as humans, can help to heal ourselves rather than relying on a host of medicines.  He is a great believer in self healing and how to manage our own health and well being.  In a very timely and fascinating interview Dr. Rocki walks us through the process of taking control of our lives, our environment and our health.  At a time when it seems we are being hit from all sides, he presents us with some common sense solutions to an otherwise contradictory and confusing barrage of misinformation.  You’ll want to tune in to this one.

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John Cowherd

John Cowherd

To keep everyone at Fairfax Public Access safe the station closed down in March along with all other businesses around the world and for that I thank them but we are starting to open up, take a deep breath and get back to doing what we love. We recorded our first show.many more to come.

Much has happened during the many months since we last were in touch but the mile marker for me is that on July 1st, 2020 On The Commons celebrated its 20th anniversary without much fanfare. And to think that when I applied for the show I wondered whether I would have enough material to fill the 6 month contract I got. I’m excited that we not only managed to fill the hours but I still have a hard time fitting all the shows in. We’re back on the air and we will be working diligently to get caught up and to bring you the news and views you want to hear.

John Cowherd joins us for our first post Covid 19 On The Commons show. John is no stranger to you, he is an attorney in Virginia who represents homeowners with problems with their associations. Problems in condos, coops and HOAs are commonplace but with the imposition of extra cleanliness guidelines, social distancing and all the fear people have, how does it affect managing associations? Can members participate in association meetings? Have statutes been tweaked to cover the current conditions? John has a lot of thoughts on why it is important to keep owners engaged and how to ensure they are allowed to participate in the meetings.

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Ed Allcock

Like so much of the world, Radio Fairfax is closed to protect all the employees and volunteers.  We will be back in full swing as soon as the coronavirus scare is over.  Please take good care of yourselves and keep healthy.  Shu and the Technical Staff at On the Commons. 

Coronavirus is dominating the news worldwide right now. To add to all the confusion, this strain of coronavirus is new so science and the medical community are working around the clock to learn about it, figure out how to treat the patients who have contracted it and to develop vaccines to prevent the future spread of the virus.  There is much to learn about this virus and there is always fear of the unknown.  However, with all the misinformation floating around, the unknown is creating a lot of confusion and increasing the fear factor manifold.  

Ed Allcock joins us On The Commons.  Ed, an attorney with Marcus, Errico, Emmer and Brooks, a Massachusetts law firm that represents condominiums and HOA.  Ed took a step back and started looking at common sense ways to mitigate the spread of this potentially deadly virus, especially in high density buildings such as high rise condominiums where people come into contact with public facilities.  With a little thought, common sense and some help from his high school daughter’s leadership he came up with a plan on how can board members and managers can reduce the risk of cross contamination in their buildings  Ed wrote an article, “Coronavirus:What should Condominium Associations Do?”  With common sense ideas and some very worthwhile ways of combating the spread.  We’ll talk to Ed about his article, what he has learned in the process and how we call do our bit to avoid being victims but warriors fighting back.