Carolyn Douglas (New May 27, 2023)

The economy keeps plummeting, and prices continue on their upward trajectory, making it more difficult for Americans to feed their families.  Home gardens are gaining in popularity; however, The space in most urban backyards is not enough to successfully grow enough food to feed everyone,  Local municipal governments in many states are lifting the bans on using front yards to grow fruits and veggies

Caroline Douglas joins us On the Commons today to talk about using one’s private property to grow fruits and vegetables to feed one’s family and perhaps even friends and neighbors who need it.  This topic is a slight departure from HOAs, and ironically the laws do not affect them.  Tune into what Caroline has to say about this new development.  


Carolyn Douglass

If you do not pay your HOA dues, your homeowner’s association can and will foreclose on your home and sell your house on the courthouse steps.  That is well known. However what is not well known is just how widely this abusive power is being used.  Joining us On the Commons today is my good friend Caroline Douglass.  Caroline explains how local municipal governments are using this practice to collect delinquent property taxes.  

We’ve heard so many horror stories that I believe it must be stopped.  Well, now local governments are also foreclosing on homes for non-payment of personal property taxes.  Since when was that the norm?  HOAs have this phony baloney contract they keep waving under our noses,  “Oh, but you agreed! they say.    Really?  Since when does a contract of adhesion become an agreement?  

And how on earth do delinquent property taxes allow the local municipal governments to foreclose on your home?  It seems to me that the old adage of “give them an inch, they’ll take a mile applies here.  Since property taxes do not pay for the services they were designed to cover, Instead these services like trash and snow removal are being provided by HOAS TAT ARE MANDATED BY THESE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, YOU KNOW, THE ONES COLLECTING THESE TAXES.  perhaps it is time to stop collecting them. Let’s put an end to the abuses!  DO tune in to the show,  I always enjoy having her on with me, I know you will love listening to her, so tune in and don’t miss this show.