Dr. Gary Solomon

The transformation of the American Dream of homeownership into the current scheme of collective, corporate housing has been a boon to local governments, developers and a $50 Billion annual industry.  It has, however, been detrimental to the owners, creating many problems from losing control over one’s home, wallet, social life, beliefs, constitutional rights and peace of mind.  Associations have become a study of how not to live.  But is there more fall out from this flawed and failed experiment that has yet to be considered?

On The Commons this week we are joined by Dr Gary Solomon.  Dr. Solomon is psychotherapist, a psychology professor at the College of Southern Nevada, a researcher a published author and a Human Rights Advocate.  His research has taken him into the world of HOA living and the abuses within associations.  In his papers, HOA Syndrome and Elder Abuse in HOAs, he explores the physical and mental effects of HOA living on the folks who live in associations.  Please join us On The Commons.  We’ll find out what happens to people in power and how the stress caused by neighborhood bullies can adversely affect your health.