Bill Davis

Problems with associations are legendary and the horror stories, legion.  For as long as there have been residential associations, people have been trying to tweak them to make them work.  So far the problems have multiplied like rabbits and the horror stories have intensified by the day.  Legislation, training sessions, licenses, tomes of scholarly works have failed to find a solution that would work.  Notwithstanding the fact that some of the best minds in the country have offered their thoughts, ideas and possible solutions to the dilemma of what has happened in the residential America, the situation just seems to go from bad to worse.  
Joining us On The Commons is Bill Davies.   Bill is an attorney in Texas who has, by necessity and as a means of self protection, become an expert on residential associations.  Join us in this casual and breezy discussion where we ask whether associations protect property values, as they are rumored to and whether associations will ever work or if the concept of a happy association is a canard.