Sam and Maria Farran

Rumor has it that HOA boards and managers can do anything they want because homeowners have, by buying an association controlled house, ceded all their rights.
The very existence of an HOA creates problems in neighborhoods that would never otherwise occur.   The respect one once had for their neighbor, and the sense of community and pride people had for each other have been replaced by hate, discontent and a very adversarial relationship.  So, what happens when the power vested in the few is stripped?
Joining us On The Commons this week are Maria and Sam Farran . Maria is an attorney and Sam is a businessman and between them they have a good understanding of both the law and how to run a successful business.  But as homeowners in an HOA controlled development they knew they still had rights and they also understood that in order to have a successful business, customers must be treated with respect.  Join us as we learn about their 4 year odyssey through the courts, their wins every time, and when the dust settled,  what happened in their neighborhood.

Ward Lucas

Something really sinister seems to happen to people when they are put in a position of perceived power, especially if they are not emotionally and mentally mature enough to handle the responsibilities that go along with the position.  We’ve all heard and read about the horror stories in mandatory membership residential associations but can that really be happening?  I mean, this is America, right?  People do have rights, don’t they?  
Joining us On The Commons is Ward Lucas.   Ward is an award winning investigative journalist who came face to face with the beast that resides deep in the heart of every HOA.  Shocked at first, he decided to use his talents as an investigative journalist to see if what he experienced was “an isolated incident”.  What he discovered prompted him to write Neighbors at War; The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association.  Join us as we take an all too quick peek into what is a must read for every American.
Ward also has a website and you can email him at  and his book is available at Amazon.