Senator Mike Schneider

Few people would argue that there really are problems in mandatory membership homeowner associations.  Even the most ardent supporter of associations will admit that not all is as rosy as it should be.  Over the years we have heard and read about problems from serious to the ridiculously petty but have we been scratching the surface to this point?  How bad can things really be in residential America? 
The FBI has been investigating corruption in Nevada for the last 4 years and they are still digging.  As I write this there have been 20 plea bargains with an additional 14 guilty pleas expected to be heard today.  There has been one severely beaten defendant and four alleged suicides tied to this investigation already.  What else is being dug up and just how bad are things in the HOA underworld?
Joining us On The Commons is Senator Mike Schneider of Nevada.  Mike is a long time legislator who has tried to regulate associations and bring some balance to the construction defect racket that has been abused.  We’ll find out what is going on Nevada today and talk about where this investigation might end.  You’ll want to catch this one.