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Wes Rocki

Wes Rocki

Last week Able helped me untangle all the glitches with my Constant Contact account, and as soon as my message went out, I got a call from my good friend Jan Bergemann with more support. I love all the help we get from each other. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will work with no problem today. And there is an excellent reason for that because you see this show with my good friend Dr. Wes Rocki is all about working together.

Dr. Wes Rocki joins us On The Commons this week, and he continues educating us on how to use our resources and inner energy to heal ourselves and keep us well. Conversations with Wes are always fascinating. This one is no exception. He says things like we are social creatures. Hard to argue with that. But then he adds, “We are all walking each other home.” By this, I understand that we are all in this together, and we need each other’s help. 

Although we didn’t discuss how this affects HOA residents, the message is the same. We should be walking each other home, looking out for each other, and making sure our neighbors are OK. During a pandemic like this, we should be making sure our neighbors are OK and not worrying about how long they left their garage doors open or when they put their trash cans out. That is not a healthy way to live. Thank you, Wes, for teaching us to “walk each other home.” That is a great way to go back to a kinder, gentler lifestyle. 

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