Bill Davis

Your home is your home, or is it?  Weren’t you planning on doing all sorts of things with your new home?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your home could provide a little income for you, instead of being a never-ending source of expenses>  Taxes, a new stove, the water heater stopped heating water, there is the taxman again.  So what do you do/?  Get a new water heater or pay the taxman?  If you do that you will be taking cold showers a lot longer. 

Bill Davis   joins us On The Commons.  Bill is a Texas attorney with his heart in the right.  He believes as passionately as I do in our property rights.  and the right as a homeowner to be able to use your home as you see fit.  But is everything that clear cut or are there other things to consider?  Please tune in, Bill and I have a lively discussion about almost everything that has to do with your right to be in complete charge of your own home. Enjoy your home, make it yours and make sure all your neighbors enjoy the same rights.

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