Tom DeWeese

It is said that “a chain is as strong as its weakest link”.  We all know what a chain looks like, therefore it is easy to visualize and understand.  Replace the chain with something that is abstract, like a right or ownership, you know what they are and can describe what they mean but you can’t visualize them.  Then apply the concept of a weak link and imagine how it would erode the rights you have.  Except now the link isn’t a single item but rather a whole host of things merrily chipping away at your rights and property.  

Tom Deweese joins us On The Commons.  Tom is the founder and president of the Virginia based American Policy Center, a speaker, a passionate advocate for property rights and an author.  Tom has written several books, his newest book, Sustainable: The War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals.  In a clear and easy to understand way, he explains how, we have lost rights and freedoms over the years. In order to put things in context I ask Tom why property rights matter   If you thought it is so you can paint your from door any color you choose, that’s the least of it.  Click on the link for a free, downloadable pamphlet, tune in to the show and hear Tom discuss some the issues, read the book and decide to do your bit to salvage what is left of your and your children’s rights. 

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2 thoughts on “Tom DeWeese”

  1. Tom is right on target with his book and comments on your show. He would appreciate my situation where my private property rights were taken away when the Venetian Condo Board in 2012 illegally had me arrested and forced fraudulently acquired injunctions of harassment against me. My house and $65,000 in cash were lost because of this evil board of directors who were embezzling. Tom has given me an idea for my future lawsuit against these criminals. Thanks. I always learn from your show.

  2. For years I’ve said HOAs are a force for socialism, particularly when so many HOAs are controlled by CAI and local Community Management Associations put in place to support BofD’s and Management Companies. I’m 66 w/out children and I will get thru this. However, the millennials are now buy “site” condos (detached without any land) or traditional HR condos. Look to China and Korea to see what our landscape will begin to look like. Whether we lose our property rights thru eminent domain or thru the encroachment of MCs, we should now consider that we are mere renters. Do to apathy, and laziness to create their own landscaping and color identity (as in painting a home) we are giving up property rights and there are NO Legislators who are interested in protecting us. We were too stupid and signed a private contract. All we can hope to do is educate the generations behind us. As DeWeese said “corporations are buying up everything” … CAI is taking control of HOAs and laughing all the way to the bank. If you haven’t noticed, the larger Management Companies are buying up small ones. I have tried very hard to get radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to pay attention to this “slow creep” and I’ve been ignored.

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