Julio Robaina

Legislative sessions are starting to wind down across the country. Some folks are celebrating small victories, others are gearing up to try again next time and still others are waiting to see whether governors sign or veto the bills that arrive on their desks. Once all the dust settles, will the homeowners be better off this year than they were last year? How many of the bills that passed will benefit individual owners? And how many of the bills that failed should have passed? And when all is said and done, what does it all really mean anyway?

On the Commons with us this week is Representative Julio Robaina. Julio is one of those rare politicians who considers himself a public servant. At a time when many of his colleagues are afflicted with a strong case of arrogance of power, Julio remains very much a man of the people. Please join us On The Commons this Saturday, May 19, 2007. We’ll ask this upbeat, energetic legislator how the homeowner friendly bills fared in this year’s legislative session and we’ll find out what is in the works for the future. Copyright OTC Multimedia Productions 2007