Don Corace

Hosted and produced by Shu Bartholomew, On The Commons is a weekly radio show dedicated to discussing the many issues surrounding mandatory homeowner associations, the fastest growing form of residential housing in the nation.
Owning property is a fundamental aspect of the American Dream.  Whether the property is just a small lot with a house or business on it, a ranch or a farm or several acres of raw, undeveloped land, it represents the fruits of the owner’s labors.  There is a tacit understanding that ownership conveys rights and control over one’s holdings.  Or it should.  However, over the years federal, state and local mandates, laws and policies have chipped away at the rights that are inherent with ownership. 
And what are the laws and who are the agencies that could potentially strip you of your use and enjoyment of your home? 
On The Commons this week we are joined by Don Corace. Don is a long time developer, businessman and author of the must read Government Pirates: The Assault on Private Property Rights and How We Can Fight it.  The book is well organized in an easy to read format, explaining the laws and the agencies charged with administering them.  However, the best part of the book are the dozens of stories woven throughout the pages that illustrate the horrors and abuses inflicted on the owners and the absurdities of enforcing some of these laws.  Don has testified before Congress on issues related to property rights and is a much sought after speaker and media guest.  Please join us On The Commons this Saturday, September 13, 2008.  We’ll talk about the laws, the abuses and some of the stories.  We’ll also find out what we, as citizens, can do to stop the tide of abuses from completely taking over.  You won’t want to miss this one.  You can visit Don’s web site at