Rodney Gray

Proponents of HOAs will have us believe that every horror story, every abusive board, every corrupt manager is just “an isolated incident”.  
If something happens once one could argue that it is an isolated incident, if it happens twice, you might believe that it is a coincidence but when there is a pattern of abuses and the same stories keep popping up all over the country, year after year after year,  it is clearly a problem.  In the case of HOA abuses, it is a serious problem.  
Joining us On The Commons this week is Rodney Gray.  Rodney started out as a stage and screen actor and with college degrees in film and business,  making documentaries was a natural transition for him.  With several awards for acting and producing short documentaries, Rodney produced a documentary on the “patterns of abuse” in HOAs called The Hoax and he maintains a web page at