Ole Madsen

After half a century of mass produced involuntary membership associations, the ignorance still surrounding them is quite astounding.  The lack of knowledge about the product of both the professional and voluntary leaders and apparent lack of buy-in from the consumers is turning residential America into a disaster.  A disaster that has dire and far reaching consequences for the future of the country.
While mandated by local municipalities for their own financial gain and supposedly regulated by state statutes, the instruction manual accompanying this housing catastrophe is being written by every Tom, Dick and Harry who feels like chipping in their two cents worth.  
What is the answer?  Full steam ahead as we have been going until we end up in a heap somewhere down the road?  
Joining us On The Commons this week we have Ole Madsen.  Ole lives in North Carolina where he started an organization called HEAR4NC which stands for Homeowners for Education, Advocacy and Rights for North Carolina.  Ole is the president, CEO and only voting member of the corporation with an appointed advisory committee.  Ole recognized the need for education and changes in involuntary membership corporations about 18 months ago, so he and his fellow HEAR4NC members have set up open meetings around the state to meet with homeowners and share their knowledge and expertise.  We’ll talk about the meetings and learn a little more about the monthly meetings.

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