Gary Solomon

Dr. Solomon has had his finger on the pulse of association atrocities for a number of years. He has heard from homeowners who were confused, scared and at their wit’s end.  They have talked to him, cried on his shoulder and written him long emails.  Through it all, he has developed a keen sense of what people are going through and what the effects are on their health.  He understands the terror some homeowners live under and he also has unique perspective of where it all started and where it is headed.  And the news is not good.

Dr. Gary Solomon joins us On The Commons this week. Dr Solomon is a retired Psychology Professor and a psychotherapist who has been studying the physical, emotional and psychological effects of stress and abuse on HOA homeowners. He has written a number of papers discussing the problems and published an e-book called HOA Crisis in America that is available for free.  His research continues and he is committed to making a difference in the HOA arena.  He explains why we are having these problems.   It all comes down to money and the never ending supply that is being syphoned out of owners’ accounts.  


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  1. I never miss a show with Dr. Solomon. Perhaps it’s because he and I think exactly alike on these HOA issues and what will bring about change?

    Sadly, he is right. Until there is a catastrophic event that causes the national media spotlight to shine on HOAs for days there will be no motivation for homeowners or legislators to take action. Until then every HOA nightmare we hear about will be passed off as “an isolated incident.” I worked in aviation for a numbers of years. Pilots would say, “we nothing will change until somebody dies.” I suppose many of them thought the cockpit doors should have been made of steel with complex locking devices long before the events of 9/11 dictated they should be. What will it take for the ‘steel doors’ to be mandated on homeowners houses so the theft of their property cannot take place by bullies on a board, crooks in property management, or HOA attorneys that find the ignorance of board members far too tempting to not take advantage of in an effort to line their pockets with the homeowners’ money?

    I do believe that the lack of protesting and HOA homeowner’s outcry has played the major role in the continuation of HOA creations. Silently suffering brings about no change. Recalling the most recent public outcry of the nurse, Miss Colorado on the Miss America pageant has proven quite effective. Sponsors are pulling away from the show that has an offensive loud mouth as one of the hosts. Justice was swift and effective. Abused homeowners and members of HOAs need that same level of support!

    I have also spoken with the homeowner that is being abused to the point of trying to bring an end to her life. It brings tears to my eyes because she is such a nice person. Years ago, after a cruise I came home only to have my head ‘rock’ for six months. My doctor thought I had Meniere’s Disease just like this woman. Let me tell you, it is HORRIBLE. The slightest movement of your head or body become very exaggerated and throw you off balance. You constantly feel like your are going to fall down. Sitting at a desk gives the sensation the desk is rocking up to the ceiling and back down all day long. All of that stresses your body so much because it’s impossible to relax. My heart goes out to her because I could not imagine trying to deal with bullies on an HOA board with that disease. HOAs are like that disease. It’s impossible to clearly and completely understand unless you have lived with it. Telling people about an HOA nightmare is like telling them about a horror movie. Until they can feel the emotions with their own body, lay awake at night from the stress, dread leaving their house or bumping into a neighbor at the grocery store, they simply cannot comprehend what it’s like to live in a nightmare HOA. And EVERY HOA is just one vote away from being a nightmare!

    Thank you for having Dr. Solomon on your show, again Shu. It is always worth the time to listen to your discussion with him.

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