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It was all so simple in the beginning. Build new houses in a residential association, give the HOA  the authority to tax the homeowners and the responsibility of providing the services normally provided by the municipal government.  The local municipality still collects the full tax but no longer provides the services.  Is it fair?  Is it right? Probably not but it was simple.

Was it then necessary to take what was once an easy to read one or two page “contract” known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and just keep adding more covenants, more restrictions, more conditions and empowering association boards and managers to become more intrusive and more abusive?  When the world was given a mere 10 Commandments that covered everything they needed to lead a good life, why do American homeowners need a tome of do’s and don’ts on how to live in their own homes? Haven’t we gone too far?  

David Kahne joins us On The Commons this week.  David, an attorney in Houston, Texas has represented homeowners in their legal battles with their homeowner associations.  He has been active in trying to get homeowner friendly legislation enacted in Texas.  He has presented in numerous homeowner sponsored conferences.  The most recent conference held in Houston was just a couple of weeks ago.  Participants discussed the issues and talked about possible fixes.  We’ll talk to David and learn about the conference, legislative successes from the last session and we’ll find out what is on the agenda for next year’s session.  One of the greatest benefits of meeting as a group is the benefit of brainstorming.  We will hear about some very interesting ideas and comments that came out of this conference. 


2 thoughts on “David Kahne”

  1. Really enjoyed listening to this .you can tell you have a passion for what you do .So d o I and now POA is seeking a declatory judgement making my commercial place …residential. .I really need some help .This is not only my investment but my income ..and my daughters future for school ..and studio for her to run Donna Aloia http://www.watersedgehealingarts.com

  2. This is still going on . They continue to harass me . Their last attorney was arrested he harassed me often . They will not stop .
    I really need help . I would love for you to consult to make sure I am on right path . They are telling people that they gave me a generous offer , their generous offer is taking my place away and making it a resident. The lot next to me 1B was grandfathered in , we share the same status .
    The annual meeting is coming up . The three that are doing this are up for relection .. what can I do ???

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