Bill Davis

History can show us where we came from and how we got here.  History is just as valuable when looking at the evolution of residential associations.  While design and structure have played significant roles in their growth, so have enabling legislation and lack of choice.  But what about the future?  Wouldn’t history be a good tool to help us prevent the same mistakes that have led to the creation of some of the most harmful housing choices?  If we look through our crystal balls what do we see?  What is in store for American homeowners?  Will sanity, respect and dignity make a comeback or have property owners lost the right to sovereignty over their own homes? 

Bill Davis joins us On The Commons.  Bill, a Texas attorney and frequent guest on the show, represents homeowners. Along the way he has encountered some of the most interesting, weird and bizarre situations associated with the wacky world of controlled living.  Many of his cases and stories highlight the incredible absurdity of this form of housing. In addition to taking on clients, he is a frequent commentator on many public forums, discussing all things related to HOAs.  He shares some thoughts about the new White Paper put out by CAI.  We’ll find out if they are looking through the same crystal ball that Bill consulted.  


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  1. As always I enjoyed Bill’s comments and delight in his efforts to hold boards accountable. With so many of us understanding the abuses of the CAI–I continue to questions why it is so hard to fight them? Money. I guess you have to have lots of money to do it. But you Bill, doing what is needed to make them face the music in court is a start.

    In our HOA we have amended the documents to not allow a board to sue members without member approval. That will be hard and lawyers cannot simply talk a board into suing. Trustees will have to disclose why they want to sue, what they expect to gain, what documents have been violated and then send out a ballot. That is going to make a huge difference.

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