Frank Short

In a Kinder, gentler age neighbors knew and cared for each other.  They formed what was known as a “community”.  People could always count on their neighbors to lend a hand when needed.
And then along came homeowner associations and the focus shifted from being friends and neighbors to really strange and bizarre notions of protecting property values.  Neighbors were taken out of neighborhoods leaving only the hoodlums roaming around looking for some reason to punish the “guy next door.”  “Protecting property values” was the only justification they had. The hysteria about what would devalue property grew every year to the point that some legislators agreed to sponsor bills that would strip homeowners of the few property and personal rights they still had. 
Joining us On The Commons this week is Frank Short.  Frank, an attorney and staunch advocate for individual property rights tracks three of the worst of the terrible bills Virginia legislators agreed to carry for the special interests.  The third bill, HB 791 (LeMunyon – Sickles) is currently being discussed in a specially appointed committee.  The House appointees are the co-sponsors of the bill and one Del. who voted against it.  The Senate appointees are equally lop sided with two pro and only Senator Chap Petersen who opposes the bill.  Fairness doesn’t seem to be part of the equation.  Let’s hope good prevails.

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