Wes Rocki

Dr. Wes Rocki

The last few decades have seen some radical changes in the way we live, starting with our  personal rights and our traditional rights as homeowners. Along with HOA mandates homeowners lost their dominion over their most private and personal asset.  This new way of life has been beaten into us and the resulting health issues have been well recognized and documented.  Living under the microscope and the fear of being singled out for some ridiculous offense has increased the daily stress.  As if that was not bad enough, along comes the Covid 19 pandemic.  In addition to the usual traditional stresses that are part and parcel of our lives, we now have to live with a deadly virus.  The fear on contracting this virus added to all the unknown aspects associated with it has taken a toll on us.  Is there something we can do to mitigate the potential damage and protect ourselves and our families from yet another potential enemy?


Dr Rocki has focused more on how we, as humans, can help to heal ourselves rather than relying on a host of medicines.  He is a great believer in self healing and how to manage our own health and well being.  In a very timely and fascinating interview Dr. Rocki walks us through the process of taking control of our lives, our environment and our health.  At a time when it seems we are being hit from all sides, he presents us with some common sense solutions to an otherwise contradictory and confusing barrage of misinformation.  You’ll want to tune in to this one.

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