Robert Metcalf

Homeowners who have the audacity to voice any dissatisfaction with their homeowner associations are often told to run for the board. The idea being that anyone who has served on the board of directors of their associations is less likely to complain. But suppose that “solution” backfires? What happens when the very experience of being on the board is all the proof one needs that the concept communal living is flawed? What is the “answer” then?

On The Commons with us this week is Robert Metcalf, Being a conscientious board member, Bob decided to get educated on HOAs to be a more knowledgeable and responsible board member. As treasurer he took his position seriously. He read about associations and attended the meetings and what he learned shocked and scared him to such an extent that he deiced to put his findings and his thoughts on paper. Please join us On The Commons. We’ll talk with Bob about his experiences as a board member and what compelled him to take the time to write it all down for us.