Jan Bergmann

The American Heritage Dictionary describes community as a group of people having something in common, whether physical, geographical.emotional or intellectual. The word also denotes a sense of belonging, of being a part of a greater group. What we are seeing is a very different “community” emerging, one that does not rely on geography, but more on emotion and intellect. And thanks to the internet that “community” is growing.

On our recent trip to Florida, we stopped in to visit with Jan and Karin Bergemann who, over the years, have become more friends than fellow activists. But what happens when members of this new cyber community get together? What do they talk about?

On The Commons with us this week is an informal pool side discussion with Karin and Jan Bergemann and Terry Bartholomew, Please join us On The Commons. Eavesdrop on an informal conversation, listen to what advocates talk about when they meet socially and find out who has the most to say, the advocates or their spouses? On the Commons is a weekly radio talk show about issues facing those who live in common interest communities. On the Commons is broadcast live from WEBR Fairfax, Virginia.