Bill Davis

When the HOA factory first opened its doors four decades ago, the recorded Declarations were short and fairly simple.  The restrictions against the free use of private property were few and relatively innocuous.  Today however, the recorded CC&Rs tend to be infinitely more cumbersome and complex, taking away choices and freedoms homeowners once took for granted.  If Americans across the country could lose so much in such a short time, what does the future hold for tomorrow’s homeowners?  Is there a way to watch the trends as they develop?
On The Commons with us this week is Bill Davis.  Bill is a Texas attorney who bought a house on a large lot and found himself learning all about mandatory membership associations.  In the process he became a little more knowledgeable about HOA laws than he ever intended to be.  Please join us On The Commons.  We’ll talk about the current trends in associations and what they really mean.  You’ll want to tune in because you might just be able to connect the dots of some of the things that have been happening in your association.  And if nothing sounds familiar now, wait, because it wont be long before they make an appearance in an HOA near you.