Maida Genser

Every day there is news of yet another assault on individual and property rights.  Whether the real government wants to replace your home with a new, upscale high rise condominium to increase their tax base or your HOA government wants to strip you of a basic and fundamental right, simply because they want to, the war is raging.  But protecting what is yours requires knowledge and information.  And at no time in history has information been more readily available than it is now.  The internet has opened up so many new worlds, ready to be explored.  And many people do turn to the internet to find out what they can do about a situation that is making life miserable and has the potential to ruin their health and their wealth.
On The Commons this week we are joined by Maida Genser.  Maida is the founder and president of the Florida based Citizens for Pets in Condos .  Please join us On The Commons this Saturday, February 28, 2009.   We’ll get to know this amazing lady who, when faced with having to get rid of her pets started something really big.  She got her problem resolved but then decided to help others in similar situations.  Her first step was to start a petition to allow pets in condos, then she put up a web page asking people to sign it and then kept adding information to it.  There is a wealth of valuable information there.  Condo owners have used the information to keep their pets.  Some of these folks have sent in their success stories, almost 22,000 people have signed her petition and now she is working on getting legislation enacted to ensure that people who need a pet for emotional support can have one.  Tune in and find out how one person can make a huge difference and then, if you haven’t signed her petition yet, please do so.   


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