Senator Mike Schneider

Legend has it that Hans Brinker saved the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands by sticking his finger in a hole in the dam, thus saving the city from flooding and its citizens from certain drowning.  In the story Hans is successful in plugging the dam.   Fortunately for Hans and the Dutch, the dam only had one hole so it was possible to plug the leak and live to tell the story.
Unfortunately, every time one hole is patched up in the  HOA dam, several more sprout up to take its place.   And for the handful of legislators trying to enact legislation preventing some of the wrongdoings it is a never ending story.  There just don’t seem to be enough fingers, attached to enough legislators to plug all the holes in this particular dam.  Every time a new statute is adopted that is  designed to prevent fraud and abuse, someone finds a way to circumvent it.  And every time there is a breach in the system, the crimes and horror stories get worse. 
As the housing market faces a crisis and the financial health of HOAs is in an unprecedented freefall, is there any hope to save residential America or will the whole concept of controlled housing drown in a sea of crime and corruption?
On The Commons this week we are joined by Nevada State  Senator Mike Schneider.  Senator Schneider, a frequent guest on the show, is sponsoring legislation intended to protect the Nevada homeowners.  Please join us On The Commons.   We’ll find out why the Governor vetoed a homeowner friendly bill, what the bill would have, and equally importantly, wouldn’t have done had it been passed into law.  We’ll also find out what he plans on doing about the vetoed bill.  We will get an update on the FBI investigation that is still ongoing Las Vegas and we’ll find out just how so many corrupt people manage to gain control of HOAs, how they do it and why.  And we’ll also talk about legislation that is being considered in this session.  We’ll also ask him, if after all these years of trying to plug all the leaky holes in the dam, whether he is optimistic about achieving his goals.