Robin Klar Lent

If you are in an HOA, it really doesn’t take much to turn your otherwise peaceful and quiet world upside down.  Maybe you chose the unit you occupy because of the views from the living room window or the size of the kitchen or the proximity to work or public transportation but whatever tugged at your heart strings, you probably thought you were buying a “home”.  And heaven help you if you end up in an HOA controlled “hood” because sense and sensibility are non existent and you run the risk of finding yourself with a “One Way Ticket to Hell”.
On The Commons this week we are joined by Robin Klar Lent.  Robin has just ended a long battle with her HOA.  She says she has been to hell and back all because she agreed to help prevent erosion and water problems on an empty lot in her neighborhood. It was all downhill from there.  Please join us On The Commons.  We’ll get the details of what happened and talk about some of the really ridiculous demands made by the “other side” (I’ll give you a hint: “You may not use the words CAI conspiracy”) and the plain stupid questions asked.