Robert Crowe and Brent Brooks

June is torture awareness month and the very word conjures up images of all the war time horrors we hear about, see on both the small and large screens, read about in the history books and some novels.  But what exactly is torture and what does it do to the victim?  Well, one thought is that the purposes of torture are carried out by shattering the essential humanity of other human beings.  But is torture limited to the actions of real governments or can torture be found much closer to home?  Do you have to do something really heinous to deserve to be tortured?

On The Commons this week we are joined by Robert Crowe and Brent Brooks.  Robert is a semi-retired attorney who volunteers some of his free time to work with organizations near and dear to his heart, including Torture Abolition.  During the second half of the show we are joined by Brent Brooks.  Brent, a Georgia homeowner who came home to find his wife’s car blocked in the garage by concrete blocks, put there by the HOA.  Not understanding what was happening or what to do about it, he posted a photo on an open forum which went viral.  You can read the thread here: