David Kahne

How can your HOA screw thee, let us count the ways
They can screw thee to the breadth and depth and height
Their souls can reach…. 
With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Just when I think I have heard it all, just when I can’t imagine any more shady and ridiculous behavior, HOAs get creative and come up with more ways to circumvent decency and fair play and get what they want.
Joining us On The Commons this week we have  David Kahne.  David is a Texas attorney who, as part of his practice, represents homeowners embroiled in legal battles with their HOAs.  He has also been a strong advocate for legislative change to protect the rights of homeowners.  We will talk about some of the issues Texas homeowners are facing, hear just a little bit about some really outrageous behavior by boards and the professionals who advise them and talk about possible ways to prevent some of the more heinous behavior.  Tune in and you’ll be scratching your head wondering if you have heard it all or if someone is designing yet another way “to screw thee”.

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