Roger Wood

Municipal mandates for HOA housing have not only provided local governments with tax free dollars but have also created a $50 Billion annual industry to service these developments.  There are lawyers to represent the corporations that have replaced our neighborhoods, managers to manage the homeowners as they live in what was once considered a private home,  there are landscapers to maintain the grounds, auditors and accountants for the occasional audits and book keeping chores, there are taste police and enforcement police and gates and now there are even poop scoopers with sophisticated DNA tests to track the naughty pooch who pooped on “The Properties”.   
The one career field that has remained more or less unchanged is the attorneys who specialize in representing the real clients in all this nonsense, the homeowners! 
Joining us  On The Commons  this week we have   Roger Wood.   Roger is an Arizona attorney who, two years ago, opened his own law firm representing ONLY homeowners.  His web site announces they are putting the “H” back in HOA.  Join us, we’ll find out why an attorney with a lucrative career representing HOAs would give that up to represent the homeowners.  We’ll talk about some of the reasons he chose to go down this path and what he does.  You’ll be surprised by what he has to say and will no doubt agree with me that the US would be a better place if we managed to clone him, hundreds of times over.  You can also get to Roger’s web pageboy following this link.

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