Dave Russell

Have you ever wondered why we have so many horror stories in condominiums and homeowner associations?  How do we get from the concept of living in a community with neighbors, to penalizing them for having the temerity to annoy us? And if someone is bold enough to displease us in anyway, what on earth does one do?  Talk to the offending sot and explain why he or she is being so boorish and insensitive?  But wait, in a kontrolled kommunity there is a better way.  The computer to the rescue!  

Turnaround is fair play, so this week we find out what it is like to be a condominium manager.  

Dave Russell joins us On The Commons this week.  Dave is a resident owner and an onsite manager in a fairly large condominium complex in Arizona.  The advantage of not having to deal with rush hour traffic, road rage and traffic jams is offset by the fact that he never really leaves work.  But Dave is a cheerful chap who seems to take it all in stride.  Having the patience of Job and a sense of humor certainly help but what is particularly impressive is the way he handles some of the whacky people and the completely nutty issues he has to deal with.  Join us as we hear about some of the problems he has been asked to handle, they’ll make you smile, laugh and applaud that the problems are solved all without resorting to fines and attorneys and ultimately maintaining a sense of community in the Arizona desert.  And when you listen to Dave’s entertaining stories, bear in mind that some of these “neighbors” can end up on the board which might explain why we have so many horror stories.