Jerry Berg

Violence is alive and well in residential America. So is bullying.  And so are the feelings of helplessness, loneliness and frustration that countless American homeowners face on a daily basis.  Quite a few of these stories do make the headlines but many more of them never see the light of day.  We’ve heard from homeowners who were beaten up during meetings for asking questions, we’ve heard about  the elderly being shoved and pushed by the bullies in charge, we’ve heard about pets being poisoned and shot, we’ve heard about owners and guests being terrorized by cars on the streets of their developments.  We’ve heard about the stresses of association living get to the point where death is preferable.  There have been more suicides and attempted suicides in residential America than we can even begin to imagine.

What is it about this version of the American Dream that causes so much violence, stress and pain for the members?  And why is the real government so oblivious to these problems?

Jerry Berg joins us On The Commons.  Jerry is a Kansas condo owner who has experienced first hand some of the violence that seems to be prevalent in America’s over almost half a million mandatory membership condos and homeowner associations.  We’ll talk to Jerry and find out what led to the violent confrontation that put him in the hospital after being beaten up with a crowbar and put the manager in jail, at least briefly.   We’ll also find out why, after several years, nothing has been resolved and the cases are ongoing.  We’ll learn how the bullying in his particular association caused two of his neighbors to commit suicide.


One thought on “Jerry Berg”

  1. Thank you, Shu for having Jerry as a guest!

    I learned things I did not know and I’ve been in contact with Jerry since 2010. It would take days to tell all of the details of his story but Jerry made it clear that nobody is exempt from what he has experienced and that is a fact! I’ll never understand why some people think they could never be a victim of an HOA. That’s as naive to me as saying they are never going to get cancer.

    I stand with Jerry in my appreciation for what you are doing to spread the word about HOAs. If I could have one wish it would be for everyone living in an HOA (or thinking of buying into one) would listen to all of your shows. It would be time well-spent and help get more people involved in our fight against these abusive living environments.

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