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As life gets more and more complex and complicated, I believe we need to keep the most basic and fundamental core of our lives as simple and clutter free as possible. And nothing can be more basic than our need to shelter, i.e. our homes and by extension, our neighborhoods.  Unfortunately local municipal governments and special interests have highjacked the sanctity of our homes, destroyed our communities and burdened us with yet more governance, more regulations and increased the risks associated with our homes.  Instead of unwinding and re-energizing at the end of the day, many of America’s homeowners come home to fight to keep what they have.  However, in order to be able to do that, they need to know what to look for, how to fight and what to do.

John Sellers joins us On The Commons.  John, a retired banker, lives and owns several HOA burdened properties in Arizona.   With his background in finance, he decided to “follow the money” and the trail led him to discover a whole host of irregularities.  Problems that most of the rest of us non financial types would not recognize as potential problems and would therefore completely overlook them.  Fortunately John saw the red flags everywhere so he decided to stir things up, just a wee bit.  He started a blog where he talks about the issues and has the attention of the state legislators who recognize some of the issues and are willing to work with him as well as other Arizona residents interested in implementing protections for the owners.  It is no surprise that one of the biggest issues and problems in residential associations is money related.  And while finding out the financial health of an association may seem like an insurmountable, it needn’t be.  Tune in for a fascinating interview.  





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  1. Thanks Shu and John for this update on your work in HOA Reform. I received word this week that the AZ Bar is investigating the previous Venetian Condominium’s attorney, Clint Goodman, and the previous corrupt board of directors he counseled. I am hoping for eventual justice exposing the 2011 to 2013 illegal activity committed by that board with their ultimate injustice of claiming a “theft” of all financial records to cover up their financial abuse. If these bad board members are eventually held accountable, with the records I saved, the community should be reimbursed at least $80,000.

    I will facilitate the Scottsdale Roundtable for homeowners and board members at the Via Linda Senior Center 12/19/16 at 9:30 am. I would like to share John’s work at this meeting.

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