Larry Murphree

When the forces of evil succeed in kicking individual and property rights under the rug, then start playing word games trying to explain how you never really had those rights in the first place, it is time to take the kid gloves off.   

Everything about HOAs makes my blood boil but nothing has enraged me quite as much as the way a homeowner was treated by the very industry that sucks the life out of our homes, our families, our communities and destroys our peace of mind.  This has to stop!  While the catalyst for today’s story may have been a small flag, this is not about a flag but about our rights as homeowners and our right to live in peace in our homes.  

Larry Murphree joins us On the Commons.  Larry, an Air Force veteran, updates us on his battle with his condominium board and the industry attorneys who advise them on how to mistreat and abuse the homeowners.  The battle has been raging for over 7 years and still goes on.  We’ll talk to Larry and get the details of how his decision to move into a condo has adversely affected his life and his bank account.  Of all the horrors, abuses and invasion of one’s privacy, none even come close to the offensive treatment at the hand of a board and it’s attorney hell bent on destroying an owner and robbing him of all he has spent a lifetime working for.  All this is being done legally.  Legislators, are you listening?

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One thought on “Larry Murphree”

  1. I can relate to Larry’s HOA nightmare. Nobody can imagine what it’s like until you’re living it.

    His warning about not paying HOA dues with auto pay is one I have been saying for years. And Shu’s advice to write the memo of how that money is to be applied is 100% correct. I would add to write ‘PAID IN FULL’ on the memo, too. Always take a copy of the check and keep it as long as you live in the HOA.

    I was hoping Larry would say what type of lawsuit he has filed. I’m wondering if it is a Tort of Outrage case? He’s right. You can never get these years of your life back regardless of the court’s decision. When living in an abusive HOA either you find another sucker to sell to and run. You cow down to the bullies and sit in silence. Or you stand up and fight putting everything, absolutely everything on the line for the battle ahead. For all the thousands of nightmare HOA cases I am familiar with very few people opt to stand up and fight.

    Best of luck, Larry. I hope others will join me in donating to your gofundme legal fund. And I hope the court annihilates your former HOA! Maybe that will wake up your former neighbors to the truth? We can only hope!

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