Bill Davis

If homeowner associations are so amazing and beneficial to the homeowners, why do proponents find it necessary to lie about them?  Why can’t they just be honest and explain why non HOA housing is for all intents and purposes non-existent?  Why aren’t prospective homeowners told the truth about what they are buying?  Is it because the truth will scare them away if they understood what they were getting into?  And why is it that most of the buyers out there who do understand what HOAs are really all about, steer clear of them if they can?  

Bill Davis joins us On the Commons. Bill, a Texas attorney and one of a handful of attorneys nationwide who understands HOA and Condominium laws and will represent the homeowners against their HOA.  He somehow manages to find cases with a twist.  The case we talk about this week is no exception.  Oh, the lies are there, including the ones about the HOA preserving the values of the properties and the amenities and being granted the right/duty/authority to collect assessments and enforce the covenants.  All the usual.  There is, however, one whacking great big lie about this whole set up.  Remember, it pays to know your rights and to know what your Declaration really says.  You will have to tune in to hear this BIG LIE!

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