Nila Ridings

Nila Ridings

Those who have a great deal to gain from the dysfunctional common interest development system will have you believe that HOAs protect property values.  And those who know better will tell you that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  The greatest value of homeownership is peace of mind and the ability to live in one’s safe haven.  But when an HOA comes between an owner and their home simplicity, commons sense and JUSTICE go away.

Nila Ridings joins us On The Commons.  Nila, is a homeowner who has learned the truth about associations the hard way.  Contrary to maintaining her home to preserve the values of not only her unit but that of the entire neighborhood, she discovered that relinquishing control of her money and her ability to maintain her home as she would have maintained it herself was a mistake.  Despite the fact that she had paid her dues, her house was falling into disrepair while the HOA.  Instead of making the necessary repairs her association took her to court to foreclose on her home.  We’ll talk to Nila and get the details of how she got to this point and we’ll find out just how well her HOA protected her property values.  

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