Scott Wircenski

Housing consumers have been told that in an HOA they would enjoy greater control over their environment, they would have full and complete access to all the books and records of the association, their property values would be enhanced and protected and all this while providing them the luxury of carefree living.  Hmm?  My mother always told me that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  In this case she was right. As far as I can make out the entire HOA housing concept is built on a mountain of lies and more lies and these lies are starting to fall like a house of cards.

Scott Wircenske joins us On The Commons.  Scott is a homeowner in Parkhill Manor association located in Olathe, Kansas.  His battle is not new and like many people embroiled in HOA issues and problems, he has learned more about associations than he ever wanted to know. So many problems and issues keep coming up again and again in cities, towns and municipalities in state after state across the country.  Same problems, same issues, same MO, just the names of the people are different.  Many of these problems can be filed under the heading of mismanaged funds or lack of transparency or both.  In Scott’s story both of these issues take center stage. Usually when ANY (and I use the term loosely) governing body is reluctant to act in the open and insists on hiding under cover of darkness, there is a reason for it.  Scott kept asking the embarrassing questions, information he was entitled to but instead of answers he kept getting vilified by the members of his HOA.  You see, they were following the official HOA script.  You’ll recognize them when you listen to Scott.  Not one to back away, Scott odyssey has been going on for several years, and still continues.  His story and experiences should serve as a warning to housing consumers looking for a house in an HOA.  


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