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20160521germanoI always believed that the government’s job was to protect its citizens.  But, just like HOAs protecting property values, that too appears to be a misconception.  Maybe the government’s real goal always was self aggrandizement and self enrichment hidden under layers of feigned caring. Perhaps I am only now beginning to realize that or maybe the corruption and gross government misconduct has reached new heights that it is no longer possible to sweep their misdeeds under the rug and pretend they don’t exist.  Or has their callousness reached new heights?  Surely, when presented with evidence that their constituents are being physically harmed, they would at least listen and take steps to ensure their safety.  

Wouldn’t they?

Michelle Germano joins us On The Commons.  Michelle is the lead plaintiff in the Chinese drywall class action lawsuit.  Michelle bought her dream home – a brand new townhouse in a brand new development where she planned to live and work.  It wasn’t long after she moved in that things started going terribly wrong.  Appliances stopped working, electrical wires disintegrated, her house had a horrible odor that she couldn’t get rid of, her dog got sick and she got sick.  She found out that her neighbors were also getting sick.  Following a lot of sleuthing, she discovered the source of her ailments – Chinese drywall.  She tried to enlist the help of her representatives, both at the state and the Federal levels.  No one was interested!  After repeated attempts to get Virginia legislators involved she received a call advising her to give up because  the “condo lobby”  (read CAI) owned condo legislation.  Nobody in DC even bothered to respond.  In a no holds barred, frank, detailed and emotional interview, Michelle takes us on a roller coaster ride of her life with Chines drywall, her condo association and the legislators elected to represent us.  


2 thoughts on “Michelle Germano”

  1. Shu, thank you so much for having Michelle Germano on your show. This segment was a real nail-biter and I was completely captivated–not only because of the terrifying stories–but because of the gross injustices that transpired. Your work is truly admirable and is appreciated by so many. And, Michelle is commended for her honesty, integrity, determination, and forthrightness.

  2. Thank you Michelle! I never heard of Chinese drywall before! But am grateful to know about it. Very troubled to hear your account of how it made you sick and how others fought you–but yes, that is pretty typical. You stand up for others and they call you crazy–HOA land, don’t you love it!

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