Shu Bartholomew

Have you ever wondered why, when no one wants to live in a homeowners association, one does? The reason is straightforward: although housing consumers specifically tell their realtors that they do NOT want to live in an HOA, that is all that is available. I talked to builders who told me the local municipal government required them to create a HOA. When I asked my representative, she said that was false; the county did not require HOAs. When I asked the people who handle the paperwork, they said yes, the county requires them.

If you want the truth, go to the workers. That was my experience in Fairfax County when I first started digging out the truth. Nothing has changed in ALL these years. Nobody likes or wants HOAs, and nobody believes they protect property values, yet they don’t have a choice.

So why are they forcing HOAs on housing consumers? Tune in to the show and find out why, in the supposedly most accessible country in the world, Americans are not allowed to own a house unencumbered by a mandatory membership homeowner association.